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Home Again – Released May 1, 2014

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May 01, 2014

For immediate release:

TLA has published “Home Again“.  The song is available to listen to by streaming or download at the links below.

Make sure you check out the lyrics. It’s another aspect of TLA songs that is often overlooked but is usually one of the most powerful features of the music.

Jeff Larsen, singer and guitar player for the band said “This song is about the days of innocence that get left behind when we grow up. This may not be the best memory for some people but for many it’s a good one.  The “home” we can never get back to.  That’s what the lyrics of the song are trying to get across”.

Have a listen and enjoy!

New Music Video – Angels One Five

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March 12, 2014: New music video released by TLA!

This video is for the song “Angels One Five” which is aviator slang for 15000 feet (aka 3 miles high). The video is about WWII Bomber crews as can be seen from the lyrics (see the YouTube page for these).

More songs coming along shortly as we’re back in the saddle again and the rock is a rollin!

The actual song will be posted on our music page as well as the store within the next few days.

New Songs Released

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TLA 2012









Feb 19, 2013:

As everyone can see from our Facebook page we have released 2 new songs today. And since it’s taken them so very long to get here, we’ve made them free to anyone who signs up for the Fan Club/Mailing List. Unfortunately that’s the only way we could find to limit distribution to the Fan Club only since Facebook changed to their timeline layout.

So click here and that will get you to the right spot.

We hope you enjoy them! And there will be more coming soon with more big news! Stay tuned.

–Jeff L.

A New Year Begins!

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Midnight Flight

A new year begins, and we are still hard at it.

After a year of broken bones, surgeries, and other what seemed to be ‘crippling’ delays we are gearing up for the release of some of our new tunes. And yes, the Anniversary Edition of ‘Still Standing‘ is still coming. We are awaiting final licensing for ‘Children of the Grave‘ and it will be available for everyone to buy.

We’ve provided a couple of teasers of the ‘new’ with our Facebook banner picture here (or you can see the original version above)…and I think everyone will be pleasantly surprised with the new music, artwork, and our current direction. I know we were amazed right from when we started on this new CD! =)

PS:  The actual lyric is “To touch the prize if only once, before we fade into the sun“.  Altered a bit for the picture (as you can see).

Stay tuned!

–Jeff L.