Here you can find wallpapers, ringtones, and anything else we can find that we think you might enjoy. Have a look around!  A bit of stuff here, and more being added all the time.


Note: All wallpapers come in a zip file with 3 different sizes included (unless specified)

Still Standing CD Wallpaper
“Still Standing” CD cover wallpapers

Problem With Authority Wallpaper
“Problem With Authority” wallpapers

11x17 Poster Wallpaper
11×17 poster wallpapers

Only 1 in this package

Other Pictures

Here are a few pictures that you can only find on this site (for now):

Missile Ride HD

Missile Ride 2012(HD)

Midnight Fligt HD

Midnight Flight 2012(HD)


Here you can find any music that we are giving away for free to the general public. If you are looking for samples, click HERE

The Memory

Music Videos

Angels One Five

Full Volumage
Click Above to watch the music video from the previous disc for “Full Volumage”

Live Videos

All of these videos are candid shots created by fans. So as for the quality goes, I guess you get what you get =P. But you can see the raw talent and skill that the band possesses.

Habitat For Insanity:

Killing in the Name Of:

This song was another huge success, but you will also get a good idea of the kind of energy found at one of the shows!