Krystian (Krys) Bialorucki


Vital Stats

Birthplace: Poland
Where you grew up: Calgary, Alberta, Canada
Marital Status: Single
Brothers and Sisters: None
Height: Average
Weight: too much around the middle
Eyes: have two
Hair Color: Hair colored
First Band: Stars and Spades, a folk country rock band, believe it or not
Other Bands: None that matter


Band/Album: Too many to list
Person in another band:
Song(s): Changes all the time
Book: Cook books
Movie: Lots, like Fight Club or anything by Quentin Tarantino
Meal/Food: Steak/potatoes
Politician: None. Just none
Holiday: Not enough of them
TV shows: Too many. Any of the ‘world’s dumbest’ or other clip shows like ‘Ridiculousness’
Historical Figure: Anyone in the psychology field
Hobbies: Drums, hacky sack, Internet
Favorite tool and why: Hammer. You can hammer anything
Most important life lesson: Life’s not fair
Occupation (current): Construction
Vices: Smoking is the biggest

Other Info

How did you end up here: My parents
Interesting story from your life related to music: To be determined…
Equipment you use: Tama drums, vic firth sticks, zildjian cymbals
Do you believe in Conspiracy Theories: Only the ones that seem legit